Climate Change Resiliency

The effects of more frequent episodes of extreme weather, changes in water resource availability, and climate variability on infrastructure, municipalities, ecosystems, wildlife, fisheries and human well-being have become apparent, particularly over the past decade. We can no longer focus solely on the effects of projects on the environment—whether the project is construction of an energy production facility or  development of a habitat restoration enhancement— but also must consider the effects of a changing environment on developments, cities, structures, watersheds, and terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

Our scientists, engineers and planners can help you assess risks and potential vulnerabilities in your project in the context of climate change, identify and evaluate alternatives, and design sustainable solutions to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your project. We have the experience to develop adaptive plans and strategies to minimize risk in response to new challenges that arise as the environment around us continues to change.  Our multidisciplinary staff is educated and experienced in:

  • ecology
  • terrestrial and aquatic (freshwater and marine) biology
  • earth and atmospheric science
  • hydraulics and hydrology
  • state, federal, and municipal permitting/licensing
  • civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering
  • spatial and GIS analysis