R. Stevens Kleinschmidt, Ph.D. (left) and
Dick Rollins approximately 1980

“Do good work and make a living at it. Enjoy what you are doing. The rest will take care of itself.”

- R. Stevens Kleinschmidt


R. Stevens Kleinschmidt, Ph.D., hydraulic engineer and former professor at Harvard University, founded Kleinschmidt Associates in Pittsfield, Maine, in 1966. Dr. Kleinschmidt was respected for his knowledge of hydropower engineering and his practical approach to problem solving. His legacy of expertise in hydropower issues and practical, solution-oriented approaches remain key components of our organization today.

Our services have expanded over the years in response to the changing needs of industry coming to work in harmony with the environment. In the 1980s we expanded into environmental and licensing services, and are now nationally known for this expertise, in addition to the engineering skills that have always been a hallmark of the company.

In the 1990s, Kleinschmidt recognized the opportunity to expand our client base beyond hydro, and we developed an Ecological Services Group to branch out into new areas. This group has become nationally known for ecosystem assessments, individual habitat and river restoration projects, watershed management, water supply reservoir management, dam removal, fish studies, and siting and impact studies for wetlands and other habitats. 

In 2016, Kleinschmidt celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Kleinschmidt Story tells how Dr. Robert Stevens Kleinschmidt founded the engineering consulting company in 1966 and illustrates the company's transformation throughout the decades to become a leader in providing practical solutions for complex problems affecting energy, water, and the environment. 

In the 21st century, the firm recognized the growth potential in other renewable energy resources, especially the Marine Renewable industry, which includes offshore wind, wave, tidal and hydrokinetic energy. We also recognized the similar challenges from hydro around the regulatory, environmental and engineering requirements for successful deployment of these “new” renewable energy projects. Today, our team is an advocate for the industry as a whole, helping clients develop and deploy these emerging technologies.