Pfizer 316 (b) BTA Evaluation

Project Name: Pfizer 316(b) Technology Assessment

Location:  Groton, CT

Client: Pfizer

Services: 316(b) Fish Study Scope of Study Document and Technology Assessment

Project Summary:

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) required Pfizer to provide additional information about the design and operation of their cooling water intake structure pursuant to Section 316(b) of the Federal Clean Water Act. 

Kleinschmidt performed a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of all technological and operational measures available for minimizing adverse environmental impacts associated with the use of the cooling water intake structure at the Pfizer site. Our first task was to develop a Scope of Study for submission and approval of the CT DEEP detailing our approach to conducting the Technology Assessment. Subsequent to approval, we next began the detailed evaluation of various types of technologies and operational measures capable of reducing impingement mortality and entrainment impacts, including physical and behavioral barriers, intake flow reduction concepts, diversion systems, and intake relocation. Each of these measures are subjected to an initial screening process to determine which measures would continue to be evaluated fully for application at Pfizer and which would not be appropriate due to irresolvable impediments. Further evaluation of potential measures included: 

•  Determining required license, permits, and approvals;
•  Preliminary design and engineering overview;
•  Determining potential biological, chemical and environmental impacts and mitigation;
•  Developing preliminary planning cost estimates;
•  Evaluating potential impacts to CT’s electrical grid;
•  Investigating siting, seismic, geologic, and hydrologic impacts;
•  Analysis of the energy efficiency of each measure;
•  Identifying conflicts and constraints;
•  Determining the schedule for design, construction, installation and operation of each measure; and
•  Estimating the reductions in impingement mortality and entrainment afforded by each measure.