Benton Falls Upstream Passage

Project Name: Benton Falls Fish Passage Project

Summary: Design and permitting for upstream fish passage

Client: Benton Falls Associates

Project Location: Benton, Maine

Services Provided:
•  Fish Passage Conceptual Design
•  Fish Passage Feasibility Study
•  Fish Passage Engineering
•  State Agency Consultation and
    State/ Local Permitting
•  FERC Licensing
•  Construction Services
•  Fish Passage Effectiveness Study

Project Timeframe:
2004 - 2006

Relationship with Client: Since 1992

Client Needs:
The Benton Falls Project’s owner, Benton Falls Associates, was required to provide upstream passage for American Shad, Atlantic Salmon, and river herring as part of their relicensing process.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt examined several upstream passage designs including a Denil ladder, a Vertical Slot ladder, and fish elevator system. Due to site constraints and the projected run size, an automated fish elevator system was selected for installation. Kleinschmidt provided all conceptual and final design services, agency and contractor negotiations, preparation of permit applications, and assistance with construction monitoring and effectiveness testing. Due to intense public scrutiny for the passage of downstream migrating eels, Kleinschmidt also reviewed various passage technologies to enhance downstream eel passage at the site. Kleinschmidt’s design utilized the project’s existing anadromous fish downstream passage system and retrofitting existing racks.
Client Benefits:
A 30% savings in initial construction costs was realized as a result of Kleinschmidt’s value engineering activities in conjunction with the contractor by constructing a prefabricated steel elevator system which eliminated the need for extensive coffer damming. The fish passage design also includes a configuration which minimizes impacts to the hydrostation operation and its performance through the use of an elevated steel exit flume for passage into the impoundment which is also equipped with trap and sorting facilities to keep out unwanted fish species.