Crown Desktop Entrainment Study

Project Name: Crown Fish Entrainment Project

Summary: Desktop fish entrainment study

Client: Crown Hydroelectric Company

Project Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Services Provided:

• Fish Entrainment Study

Relationship with Client: Since 2001

Client Needs:
Development of the Crown Hydroelectric Project was proposed for the Upper St. Anthony Falls Dam across the Mississippi River from the existing St. Anthony Falls Hydroelectric Project. The FERC license for the Project required the licensee to provide a fish protection plan to minimize entrainment of resident fish.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt and the licensee, in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) conducted a desktop entrainment study to estimate the number, species, size, and value of the fish that would be lost to turbine mortality. Kleinschmidt used existing study data from the upper Mississippi River to determine species composition and entrainment abundance. Turbine mortality rates were estimated by using empirical data collected at facilities with similar turbine characteristics to those proposed for the Crown Hydro site.
Client Benefits:
The study results formed the basis for a successful negotiation to establish appropriate mitigation for fish losses at the Project.