Meadow Dam Rock Ramp

Project Name: Meadow Dam Fish Passage

Summary: Rock ramp design allows passive pond level management

Client: Town of Orrington, ME

Project Location: Orrington, ME

Services Provided:
•  Fish Passage Conceptual & Final
•  Habitat Improvement and
•  Wetland Delineation and Impact
•  Environmental Permitting
•  Dam Inspection and Condition
•  Opinion of Probable Repair Cost
•  Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
•  Bid Specifications and Drawings

Project Timeframe:
2008 - 2010

Relationship with Client: Since 2006

Client Needs:
The Meadow Dam is a concrete and masonry structure founded on ledge and was in poor condition with extensive leakage. Kleinschmidt performed a dam inspection, condition assessment and opinion of repair cost for the Town of Orrington. The Town, with the support of residents, state and federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations, opted for construction of a rock ramp downstream of the dam to restore fish passage while maintaining existing pond levels rather than repair the dam.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt developed a conceptual design for the rock ramp and prepared a hydrologic analysis. Kleinschmidt produced construction drawings, specifications and opinions of probable construction cost. The design included best management practices for erosion and sediment control. Kleinschmidt also completed a site assessment that included a wetland delineation, rare plant survey (for a threatened plant species that needed to be considered in the design), and an inventory of shoreline stability and plant community conditions for design and permitting. The design included a planting plan to restore native floodplain species which included biostabilization measures in high energy shoreline areas. Kleinschmidt prepared a flow management plan for construction and a project manual that included bid forms, contract forms, project schedule, copies of permits, special conditions and requirements for insurance and bonds. Kleinschmidt provided detailed construction observation services as well.
Client Benefits:
The construction of the rock ramp included dam stabilization and leakage control, and allowed for passive management of pond levels without the need for intensive use of gates. As a result, the dam was safer, required no operation, and restored fish passage.