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New England Cable News (NECN) Video of Morpion Stream Sea Lamprey Barrier

Project Name: Sea Lamprey Fish Barrier 

Location: La Prairie, QC Canada

Project Owner: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Client: Milieu Inc.

Services: Fish Barrier System Feasibility Study and Engineering Design

Project Summary:

Kleinschmidt Associates was retained by Milieu, Inc., on behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to design a sea lamprey barrier in the Province of Quebec on Morpion Stream, a tributary to the Pike River and Lake Champlain. Based on consultation with the Province of Quebec and the USFWS, the project objective was to construct an instream, seasonally-operated barrier with a flow-through screen design to provide a lamprey barrier with the least possible impact on the ecosystem.   

As the consultant for the project, Kleinschmidt was responsible for developing concepts and detailed designs. Although the project is awaiting construction, the overall design goal is to meet the following objectives:  

•  The barrier geometry facilitates capture of adult sea lampreys migrating upstream to favorable
    lamprey spawning and larval development habitat. 
•  A sorting trap contains most fish species in the first chamber, but allows lamprey to pass into a second
•  An attendant then removes the lamprey, and passes the other native species.
•  The barrier includes modular construction to allow for seasonal installation and removal.
•  The flow-through screen panels include a mechanical trip mechanism that lowers progressive
    sections of the barrier should they impound predetermined levels of water upstream of the barrier.
•  The trip mechanisms are sized and designed to negate flood implications due to the structure, and to 
    minimize erosion concerns downstream of the barrier due to releasing impounded water.