OPG Eel Ladder Design

Project Name: Eel Ladder Design

Location: Ontario, Canada

Project Size:

Client: Ontario Power Generation

Services: Eel Passage Engineering Design

Project Summary:

Kleinschmidt in association with Milieu Inc. was contracted by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) for development of a design to modify the discharge of the eel ladder from its current location, adjacent to the dam, to an upstream location. The design followed the general design of the eel passage pipe on the New York Power Authority (NYPA) side of the dam, for which Kleinschmidt developed a detailed conceptual design.

Kleinschmidt provided a design for the extension of the current eel ladder discharge to approximately 300m upstream of the dam. This included extending the current ladder to a tank on the forebay deck. The tank provides a transition area where the eel counter is maintained prior to moving the eels upstream of the dam. A 6 inch eel transport pipe travels along the forebay deck. The transport pipe then transitions to the river bank and runs along the road guard rail to a spot approximately 300m upstream of the dam. This location is comprised of a deck, with a receiving tank, two pumps (one for redundancy), controlling equipment (valves, electrical etc.), and a discharge pipe. The discharge pipe has a protective screen device to mitigate predation on eels exiting the system.