South Berwick Fish Passage

Project Name: South Berwick Fish Passage Project

Location: South Berwick, ME

Project Size: 1,200 MW

Client: Enel North America

Services: Upstream and Downstream Fish Passage Feasibility Study, Engineering Design and Effectiveness Study

Project Summary:

The South Berwick project, located on the Salmon Falls River, is a 1,200 KW three-unit hydroelectric project with 20 feet of gross head and is the first dam on the river that underwent anadromous fish restoration. The project was required to provide upstream and downstream passage facilities for American Shad, Atlantic Salmon and river herring. 

Kleinschmidt assisted the owner to review passage options. Kleinschmidt also reviewed various construction materials that would reduce construction costs. Kleinschmidt provided all conceptual and final design services, preparation of permit applications, and construction monitoring. 

The ladder system is unique in both its material construction and the fact that the system is used for both upstream and downstream passage. The upstream passage system consists of a standard Denil ladder. The lower section of the ladder was constructed with concrete wall sections while the remaining section of the ladder consists of pre-fabricated elevated galvanized steel ladder sections supported by local steel bents attached to the powerhouse foundation. The downstream fish passage consists of a surface bypass entrance and angled bar rack system. During the downstream passage season baffles are removed from the Denil ladder and the ladder chute is used to pass downstream migrants to the tailrace.

Upon completion of the passage system, Kleinschmidt also conducted a quantitative assessment to confirm the effectiveness of both the upstream and downstream passage systems.