Project Name: Taftville and Tunnel Telemetry Project

Summary: Annual installation and calibration of radio telemetry systems

Client: First Light Power Resources

Project Location: Taftville, Preston and

Lisbon, CT

Services Provided:

• Radio Telemetry and Video 
   Monitoring System Design and

Project Timeframe:
2004 - Present

Relationship with Client: Since 2004

Client Needs:

The Taftville and Tunnel Hydroelectric Projects are owned and operated by FirstLight Power Resources (FirstLight). The Projects are located in eastern Connecticut on the Shetucket and Quinebaug Rivers, respectively. The former owner, Northeast Generation Company, entered into an agreement with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to provide fish passage at the projects in support of Connecticut’s Diadromous Fish Restoration Plan (Plan). The Plan describes fish passage at strategically located dams within the basin as the primary means to facilitate restoration of American shad, blueback herring, and alewife. The passage facilities were constructed and began operation in 2005 and 2007 at Taftville and Tunnel, respectively.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Since 2005, Kleinschmidt has annually provided consulting services for the installation, calibration, and disassembly of radio telemetry systems. The system monitors the approach and route of passage of tagged adult American shad as they navigate the upstream fish passage facilities. In 2012, FirstLight expanded the monitoring effort and Kleinschmidt was contracted to conduct a downstream passage monitoring study. The study incorporated in-water video technologies to monitor fish passage.

Client Benefits:

Kleinschmidt’s comprehensive understanding of fish passage monitoring techniques, careful planning, and technical expertise were harnessed by the project team and provided effective results and cost savings while meeting FirstLight’s regulatory requirements.