Bass Lake Dam Stability Analysis

Project Name: Bass Lake Dam Stability Analysis

Location: Princeton, NJ

Project Size:       

Client: Princeton-Blairstown Center, Princeton University

Services: Dam and Spillway Engineering 

Project Summary: 

In response to a dam safety inspection recommendation and a request from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Kleinschmidt performed a finite element model stability analysis for the Bass Lake Dam. The Bass Lake Dam was originally constructed in 1911 with subsequent renovations in the 1930’s. Because of the dam’s relatively tall, slender section, the structure was found to be theoretically unstable in overturning for all loading conditions analyzed. Kleinschmidt performed the finite element analysis with the STAAD.Pro 2007 structural analysis software package. Loading conditions analyzed included normal pond (summer and spring/fall thermal conditions), earthquake at normal pond, ice at winter pond, Spillway Design Flood, and 2 feet overtopping. The results of the analysis indicated that the dam is structurally adequate but with low safety factors for stability so  Kleinschmidt conducted a preliminary analysis of several proposed remediation options to improve the stability of the dam. The scope and opinion of cost for each of these options were presented to the client for review and consideration.