Carpenter Remmel Final

Project Name: Carpenter - Remmel Project

Summary: Strategic FERC services lower costs and improve revenues

Client: Entergy Arkansas, Inc.

Project Location: Malvern, AR

Project Size: 67 MW Total

Services Provided:

•  Hydro Energy Analysis
•  FERC Licensing
•  Study Scoping and Plan Development
•  Regulatory Strategic Planning
•  Agency Consultation
•  Stakeholder Facilitation
•  FERC Compliance Management and Implementation
•  Shoreline Management Plan
•  Recreation and Aesthetics Planning
•  Cultural Resource Studies and Assessments
•  NEPA, EAs, and EISs
•  Instream Flow Study
•  FERC Part 12 Dam Safety Inspections

Project Timeframe: 1998 - 2007

Relationship with Client: Since 1998

Client Needs:
Entergy Arkansas, Inc. (Entergy) required a licensing management consultant for the Carpenter Dam and Remmel Dam on the Ouachita River in central Arkansas.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt trained Entergy’s internal staff on the Applicant Prepared Environmental Assessment (APEA) relicensing process and participated on the APEA Relicensing Team. Kleinschmidt prepared all FERC documents, including the Initial Consultation Package, Scoping Document 1, Scoping Document 2, the license application and APEA. Kleinschmidt conducted environmental, engineering, and recreation studies, and managed specialty subcontractors. Kleinschmidt also performed a comprehensive energy analysis for the peaking facilities.
Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt’s efforts lead to several costs savings for Entergy including demonstrating there was sufficient fisheries data to avoid the need for a costly field study, successfully petitioning FERC to combine the relicensing recreation study with an on-going compliance related study, and convincing the resource agencies that a Delphi Method stream flow study could be conducted in lieu of a more costly Instream Flow Incremental Methodology study. Kleinschmidt’s energy analysis recommended adjustment to project operations which resulted in revenue enhancement for Entergy while maintaining regulatory compliance.