Curtis Hydro Rubber Dam

Project Name: Curtis Station Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Rubber dam design services lead to improved water control

Client: Curtis Palmer Hydroelectric Company

Project Location: Corinth, NY

Project Size: 11.8 MW station; 684 linear feet of rubber flashboards

Services Provided:
•  Hydropower Facility and
    Equipment Condition Assessment
•  Dam Rehabilitation Design
•  Federal and State Permitting
•  Construction Services

Project Timeframe:

Relationship with Client: Since 1985

Client Needs:
Curtis Palmer Hydroelectric Company, LP (CPHC) sought improvements to the Curtis Station wooden flashboard system which provided a means of relieving upstream flooding by failing at a predetermined setting once they were overtopped. However, each time the flashboard system failed, gross station head decreased and the station experienced generation losses until the flashboards were replaced.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt proposed the use of a Bridgestone automated inflatable flashboard system which was selected by CPHC as the preferred method of better controlling water levels during high and low river flow conditions. Kleinschmidt provided preliminary engineering, permitting, final design, and construction services for the project. Kleinschmidt prepared the preliminary design report, assisted in procurement of the rubber dam and associated equipment, oversaw surveying, prepared and submitted permitting applications to the ACOE and NYSDEC, completed final design, assisted in the bidding process, and provided construction services. Construction was completed in a very compressed three month timeframe due in part to innovative construction techniques developed by Kleinschmidt and the contractor.
Client Benefits:
CPHC realized additional energy production from the facility because of the rapid deployment of the inflatable flashboard system as well as decreased annual operating costs related to the flashboards. Better headpond control and ability to sluice ice to reduce ice blockage of the forebay also resulted from this project.