Dundee Remedial Repair

Project Name: Dundee Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Dam inspection, analysis, remedial design, and repair

Client: S.D. Warren Paper Company

Project Location: Westbrook, ME

Project Size: 1,400-foot long embankments and spillway

Services Provided:
•  Dam Safety & Structural Assessment
•  Dam Breach Study
•  Dam Rehabilitation Design

Project Timeframe:

Relationship with Client: Since 1980

Client Needs:
The Dundee Dam in Westbrook, ME is subject to the FERC five-year Independent Consultants Safety Inspection Program. Inspections conducted by Kleinschmidt revealed that the spillway did not meet the FERC’s required safety factors for stability during a Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) event. In addition, the east earth embankment portions of the dam was determined to be subject to liquefaction during an earthquake and both the east and west embankments were not high enough to prevent an overtopping during PMF conditions. Potentially, any of these findings could lead to the dam’s failure.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Based on the analysis results, Kleinschmidt was hired to design remedial measures to stabilize and raise the earth embankments, and to increase the safety factors of the spillway section. Kleinschmidt provided the engineering for the design and placement of 14 rock anchors in the spillway section of the dam to provide the required safety factors for floods up to the PMF. In addition, Kleinschmidt provided construction services for the removal and replacement of an estimated 30,000 cu yds of material in the east embankment and building up of the east and west embankment level by 2-ft and constructing a 2-ft high cantilevered wall to contain the PMF.

Client Benefits:
SAPPI realized project efficiencies by engaging Kleinschmidt for full service inspection, design, and construction services. SAPPI also came into compliance with FERC’s safety requirements, reduced potential liabilities, and minimized safety hazards associated with the dam.