Higley Redevelopment

Project Name: Higley Redevelopment Project

Summary: Hydro feasibility, design, and construction services

Client: Erie Boulevard Hydropower LP

Project Location: Colton, NY

Project Size: 6.2 MW

Services Provided:

•  Hydro Feasibility Study
•  Hydro Energy Analysis
•  Hydroelectric Powerhouse
•  Penstock Design
•  Bid Specifications & Drawings
•  Engineering services during

Project Timeframe: 2001 - 2003

Relationship with Client: Since 1991

Client Needs:
The Higley Hydro Project was constructed in 1913 and consisted of three horizontal Francis turbines with a total licensed capacity of 4.480 MW. The units had reached the end of their service life and the licensee, Erie Boulevard Hydropower, LP, wanted to explore replacement alternatives.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt conducted feasibility studies for a new powerhouse and new generating equipment. The selected alternative consisted of a new powerhouse adjacent to the existing powerhouse. Kleinschmidt designed the new facility, assisted in procuring permits, prepared construction drawings and specifications and provided technical support during construction. The new powerhouse was constructed adjacent to the existing powerhouse which was on the Historic Register. Four new eight foot diameter penstocks connected the intake to four vertical propeller turbines, two of which were double regulated. The turbines and generators have a total installed capacity of 6.2 MW.
Client Benefits:
The upgrades to the Higley Station resulted in a nearly 33% increase in capacity from approximately 4.5 MW to 6.2 MW, which is enough to power more than 1,700 average homes annually. As well, the existing units remained in service during construction of the new powerhouse providing uninterrupted power generation.