Holtwood - Engineering

Project Name: Holtwood Redevelopment Project

Summary: Integrated engineering design, ecological, regulatory services

Client:  PPL Generation, LLC

Project Location: Lancaster / York Counties, PA

Project Size: 125 MW (largest new hydro power station projects planned east of the Mississippi over the last two decades)

Services Provided:
•  Hydro Feasibility & Planning
•  Hydroelectric Powerhouse
•  Electrical Power & Interconnection
•  Hydro Unit and Plant Control
•  Hydro Turbine Performance
•  Hydropower Facility Equipment
    Condition and Assessment
•  Ecological Services
•  FERC Licensing
• Construction, Startup and 
   Commissioning Services

Project Timeframe:
2004 - Present

Relationship with Client: Since 1997

Client Needs:
The 1910 vintage Holtwood Project’s owner and operator PPL Generation, LLC (PPL) had considered redevelopment of the project in the past and regained interest in 2004 because of a combination of factors including the 2014 expiration of the FERC license, concern about upstream fish passage effectiveness, and various federal and state financial incentives.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt was retained to conduct a new redevelopment study and assist PPL in all aspects of the final engineering design process including numerous environmental studies. Kleinschmidt design activities have included new powerhouse, turbines, balance of plant systems, electrical automation, controls, skimmer wall, expansion of the existing forebay and tailrace, discharge diversion, replacement of two existing auxiliary generating units, replacement of rubber dam spans, and a number of civil designs including relocation several buildings, roads, power and communication cables, and wastewater treatment systems. Kleinschmidt also prepared bid specifications and drawings and is providing extensive construction monitoring, quality assurance, and startup and commissioning services. In addition to these engineering services, Kleinschmidt assisted PPL in all aspects of the FERC license amendment process including preparing the Initial Consultation Document and the draft License Amendment Amendments and Environmental Report. Kleinschmidt conducted numerous environmental and ecological studies and designs including those related to impoundment fluctuation, fish passage optimization, bald eagle management, minimum flow, drought management and consumptive use, macroinvertebrates and mussels, water quality, stormwater, rare plants, and ecological mitigation studies.
Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt’s focused, collaborative approach reduced PPL’s risk and design rework. PPL realized project efficiencies due to Kleinschmidt’s broad engineering, regulatory and ecological sciences capabilities eliminating the need for multiple contractors.