Kingsley Dam PFMA-Part 12D Safety Inspections

Project Name: Kingsley Dam Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Part 12D safety inspections and engineering support

Client: Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District

Project Location: Ogallala, NE

Services Provided:
•  FERC Part 12 Dam Safety Inspection
•  Dam Safety Engineering Support

Project Timeframe:
2006 - Present

Relationship with Client: Since 2006

Client Needs:
Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District (Central) is required to conduct periodic inspections of the Kingsley Dam Project of all project facilities that may impact public safety if they were to fail as part of their FERC Part 12D “Dam Safety Performance Monitoring Program” including conducting a Potential Failure Mode Analysis (PFMA).
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt has assisted Central by conducting Part 12D safety inspections and PFMAs at the project since 2006. The scope of the inspections includes the 3.1 mile long, 163 feet foot tall earth embankment dam across the North Platte River and its associated reservoir, Lake McConaughy, the largest lake in Nebraska; a morning glory type service spillway; a concrete outlet works tower and steel-lined reinforced concrete penstock; an  earth- cut emergency spillway; a powerhouse; and a stilling basin. The PFMA Team identified 20 potential failure modes. Kleinschmidt has been providing ongoing engineering support to address dam safety concerns through several remedial measures in response to the recommendations made in the PFMA and Part 12D
Client Benefits:
Through the scheduled inspections and other investigations pertaining to potential issues identified at the dam, Kleinschmidt has helped Central manage its dam-safety risk and allocate resources appropriately.