Project Name: Livermore Falls Hydroelectric Station

Summary: Minimum flow unit engineering, licensing, and permitting

Client: International Paper Company

Project Location: Livermore Falls, ME

Project Size: 1.3 MW

Services Provided:
•  Conceptual Design
•  Feasibility Study
•  Engineering Design
•  FERC Licensing
•  State and Local Permitting
•  Construction Services

Project Timeframe:
2002 - 2004

Relationship with Client: Since 1980’s

Client Needs:
As part of their FERC relicensing for the Livermore Falls Hydroelectric Station, International Paper Company (IPC) was required to maintain two minimum flow regimes for different parts of the bypass reach of the Androscoggin River.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt provided licensing and permitting services and conceptual, final design, and construction monitoring services for a new minimum flow unit. The new minimum flow unit provides the flow required in the lower bypass reach. The new powerhouse houses a single vertical Kaplan turbine with a generator and required appurtenances and is located on the forebay structure upstream of the existing powerhouse. The new minimum flow unit has a design flow capacity of 450cfs with an output capacity of 1,320 kW. The operating regime is monitored automatically by a PC based system that receives input from water lever transponders located at the dam, the south end of the existing forebay, and the intake of the new powerhouse.
Client Benefits:
In addition to meeting the license requirements and providing flow regimes protective of the aquatic ecosystems, IPC was able to displace more expensive energy used at the Androscoggin Mill with a clean and renewable energy source from the minimum flow unit.