Lockhart Generation Model

Project Name: Lockhart Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Strategic energy modeling leads to creative solution

Client: Lockhart Power Company

Project Location: Lockhart, SC

Project Size: 15 MW

Services Provided:
•  Hydro Energy Analysis
•  Regulatory Strategic Planning
•  Study Scoping & Plan Development
•  Stakeholder Facilitation
•  Agency Consultation

Project Timeframe:
1994 - 1998

Relationship with Client: Since 1994

Client Needs:
While undergoing relicensing of its 15 MW facility, Lockhart Power Company (LPC) faced modifications to the project operations, including impoundment drawdown limitations, bypass and downstream flow releases and needed to understand the regulatory and financial implications of these changes.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt was the Managing Consultant responsible for assisting with strategic planning, conducting engineering and environmental studies, and preparing regulatory documents for the relicensing. As part of the required studies, Kleinschmidt developed an energy model to assess the impacts of the proposed operational modifications on power generation. The operations model defined on and off peak generation based on operating rule curves, river flows, station efficiency, and fluctuating daily and seasonal impoundment levels for existing and alternative operating regimes. Developing the model and working closely with the lead agencies, Kleinschmidt was able to quantify the generation and financial impacts of various environmental enhancements and develop a creative solution that provided for environmental enhancements desired by the agencies while keeping the project economics intact.
Client Benefits:
The results of the modeling effort contributed significantly in the development of a settlement agreement signed by all parties that greatly facilitated the relicensing process reducing the project schedule and costs.