Peterson Dam Removal

Project Name: Peterson Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Dam and hydroelectric station decommissioning study

Client: Central Vermont Public Service

Project Location: Milton, VT

Services Provided:

•  Dam Decommissioning Study

Project Timeframe: 2001

Relationship with Client: Since 1970’s

Client Needs:
Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS) required a comprehensive feasibility study including cost estimates for the removal of the Peterson Dam that had been proposed by project stakeholders including State agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) as part of the dam licensing process. The NGOs had commissioned a study of dam removal costs which suggested that those costs would be nominal.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt reviewed the assumptions and conclusions of the NGOs sponsored report and developed an independent comprehensive feasibility evaluation that included an estimate of potential removal costs. Kleinschmidt’s estimate addressed dam removal, power replacement and socioeconomic costs. Dam removal costs included costs for physical removal of the structure, environmental studies and mitigation measures (if needed). Kleinschmidt analyzed replacement power options that included power purchases, construction of new generation, energy conservation, and combinations of those alternatives. The final report incorporated CVPS’ analysis of effects on distribution assets and Vermont Electric Power Company’s assessment of transmission impacts.
Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt’s report provided detailed assumptions and summarization of the total anticipated removal costs was used as the basis for further negotiations between CVPS and the other stakeholders.