Project Name: Proctor Redevelopment Project

Summary: Engineering design and permitting & licensing assistance

Client: Green Mountain Power

Project Location: Proctor, VT

Project Size: 9.76 MW

Services Provided:
• Feasibility Study and Planning
• Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
• Hydro Energy Analysis
• Hydropower Facility & Equipment Condition Assessment
• Penstock Inspection & Design
• Bridge & Intake Design
• Powerstation Mechanical System Design
• Gates & Water Control Design
• Hydro Unit & Plant Control Systems
• Electrical Power Systems
• Turbine Generator Equipment Selection & Procurement Assistance
• Bid Specifications & Drawings
• Construction Services
• State & Local Permitting
• FERC Licensing

Project Timeframe: Ongoing since 2010

Relationship with Client: Since 1980s

Client Needs:
Green Mountain Power’s (GMP) acquisition of the Vermont Marble Power Division from Omya Inc. included the non-operable Proctor Station. The goals of GMP’s planned multi-year redevelopment of the Project were making the station operational and increasing generation.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt has provided a broad range of services including engineering design (structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic), permitting and licensing assistance, and onsite environmental assessments. At the time of GMP’s purchase, access to the Proctor powerstation was by a long, steep set of stairs creating a safety and accessibility concern. Kleinschmidt designed a permanent access bridge across the tailrace. The Kleinschmidt team also reconfigured a narrow, winding intake to widen the entrance and streamline the flow path to reduce head losses and increase flow for the new increased capacity turbines. Kleinschmidt used energy analyses and conceptual designs to aid the design of structural and mechanical modifications to the powerstation. Inspection of the vintage 1905 penstock found it to be deteriorated. Kleinschmidt provided a design for the new penstock. Throughout the duration of the design work, Kleinschmidt has also assisted GMP with the FERC license process and local and state permitting.

Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt’s prior knowledge of the site was used to reduce project costs and schedule length. Through our long history of working closely with GMP, we have established relationships enabling us to develop a core project team improving project communication, efficiency and reducing both cost and schedule.