Clients: Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and New York Power Authority (NYPA)

Project Location: St. Lawrence River - Cornwall, ON and Messena, NY

Project Size: 912 (NYPA) - 1045 MW (OPG)

Services Provided:
- Feasibility Studies
- Engineering Design
- O&M Studies
- Construction Consultation
- Construction Cost Opinion

Project Timeframe: 2016

Relationship with Client: Since 1994

Client Needs:
OPG and NYPA are interested in assessing the feasibility of installing a weather-tight roof over the generator and tailrace deck areas of the 2,720- foot hydroelectric power dam that straddles the St. Lawrence River (which is an international border between Canada and the United States). As owner/operators of the dam with similiar interests but differing needs, OPG and NYPA required a trusted consultant that is familiar with the dam and the companies’ unique communication requirements, experienced in hydropower work in Canada and the United States, able to provide thorough evaluations and practical cost-effective design to meet the project goals of the two owners.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt conducted a fast track feasibility study of various roof systems that included a life-cycle assessment of operations, maintenence, and capital costs of the various alternatives studied. Kleinschmidt developed conceptual designs of three alternatives that would protect OPG’s and NYPA’s generating assets and provide a controlled work environment for future maintenance efforts at the dam. A key performance criteria was to develop a single exterior building envelope design that could account for multiple structural design differences between the two facilities and meet the requirements of the New York State Historical Preservation Office.

Client Benefits:
Serving two knowledgeable and sophisticated hydroelectric clients who share the ownership and decision-making responsibility for this project presented several unique requirements that needed to be coordinated and managed actively. Kleinschmidt’s facilitation of the process provided both clients with objective, defensible feasibility study results based on accurate identification and realistic costing of the project. As a result, OPG and NYPA can make better business decisions knowing that the feasibility study will withstand scrutiny of estimates of capital costs, O&M benefits, personnel safety, and overall constructability of the roof.