Weiss Tainter Gate Inspection

Project Name: Weiss Hydroelectric Project

Summary: Tainter Gate Inspections

Client: Alabama Power Company

Project Location: Centre, AL

Project Size: 87 MW

Services Provided:
FERC Mandated 10-Year Tainter 
        Gate Inspections

Project Timeframe:
2009 - 2010

Relationship with Client: Since 1999

Client Needs:
To comply with FERC’s tainter gate initiative, Alabama Power Company (APC) was required to conduct a structural inspection of the Weiss Hydroelectric Project’s tainter gates.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt performed a close-up visual inspection of the exposed downstream face of each of the seven radial gates via rope access methods. All components of the gates were observed including the skin plate, vertical purlins, horizontal girders, gate arms, and the exterior of the trunnion assemblies. Skin plate steel thickness readings and coating thickness readings were taken. Visual estimates of the leakage flow rates were made if leakage was observed along the side and bottom seals. The presence and condition of the lubrication system was assessed, as well as the condition and operation of the lifting system. Gate maintenance and testing records were also reviewed. Observations of the operations of each of the gates occurred during the inspection. Each gate was opened approximately 2-3 feet and observations were made with respect to the presence or non-presence of noise, jumping, and/or vibrations during gate movement and approximate length of time for the gates to open and close. Kleinschmidt’s inspection format generally followed the Condition Rating Procedures developed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Technical Report REMR-OM-17), which allows for the inspection and rating of individual radial gates in a uniform manner.
Client Benefits:
Through the scheduled close-up visual inspections, Kleinschmidt has helped APC manage its dam-safety risk in a thorough, uniform and regulatory-appropriate manner.