Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project

Project Name:Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project

Summary: Licensing support for first ever FERC pilot license in US

Client: Verdant Energy, LLC

Project Location: East River, New York City, NY

Project Size: 1 MW

Services Provided:
•  FERC Licensing- Process
and Document
•  Aquatic Habitat Assessment
•  Rare Threatened & Endangered
Species Assessment
•  Regulatory Strategic Planning
•  Marine Environmental Study Design
and Management
•  GIS Database Design and Management

Project Timeframe:
2008 - Present

Client Needs:

Verdant Power was in need of licensing and environmental consulting assistance to obtain the first ever FERC pilot license in the U.S. for a kinetic hydropower project. The pilot project involves the development, testing, and environmental monitoring of an array of 30 five-meter diameter kinetic hydropower axial flow turbine generator units comprising their 1 MW tidal power plant.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt has assisted Verdant in preparing the draft and final license applications submitted in 2008 and 2010, respectively. In addition to preparing the applications, Kleinschmidt assisted in developing and negotiating study plans with Federal and state resource agencies, including NOAA Fisheries and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Kleinschmidt also prepared draft biological assessments for shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon, sea turtles, and marine mammals including an essential fish habitat assessment and developed a unique fish-strike model to determine likelihood that endangered sturgeon could come into contact with project turbines. Kleinschmidt biologists are currently assisting Verdant in conducting the required studies.

Client Benefits:

Kleinschmidt leveraged its extensive FERC licensing experience to develop efficient strategies and navigate through the pilot license process. Kleinschmidt biologists used their understanding of endangered species and the consultation process to help find a mutually acceptable and cost-effective approach to allow the project to move forward with acceptable levels of risk. FERC issued a 10-year Pilot license (the first in the U.S.) in January 2012.