Project Name: Public Safety Plans

Summary: Reducing risks for the public at hydro and wind projects

Client: Multiple Hydroelectric and Wind Clients

Project Location: Northeast and mid-Atlantic U.S.

Services Provided:
•  FERC Compliance Management
•  Safety Compliance

Project Timeframe:
2005 - 2013

Client Needs:

Public safety plans detail signs, lights, sirens, barriers, or other safety devices that are employed to warn and protect the public from potential hazards at hydroelectric and wind projects. These plans may be required by licensing entities or by corporate safety policies. Ideally, plans and the safety devices used are consistent across projects within a corporate portfolio.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt updated and/or created 14 public safety plans for multiple clients. The plans include details on the location and wording of signs as well as the locations of other safety devices. Plans also include photographs of safety features, georeferenced maps identifying the locations of each feature, and long-term O&M schedules for checking and maintaining safety features.

Client Benefits:

For multiple clients, public safety plans were updated and standardized across projects, allowing for a consistent presentation to the public and simpler system for managing and replacement of worn elements. At one large and geographically distributed wind project, safety features were georeferenced and stored in a database along with photographs, public trails, roads, etc., allowing the client to easily identify feature locations and monitor conditions over time, as well as to update the plan electronically as locations of trails, signs or other features change.