Anson Abenaki SMP

Project Name: Anson & Abenaki Projects

Summary: Shoreland buffer zone management plan

Client: Madison Paper Industries

Project Location: Somerset County, Maine

Project Size: 207,850 feet of shoreline

Services Provided:
•  FERC Compliance Management and
•  StakeholderFacilitation
•  Shoreline Buffer Management Plan
•  GIS Mapping
•  GIS Database Design and

Project Timeframe:
2004 - 2005

Relationship with Client: Since 1985

Client Needs:

As part of the relicensing of these projects in Somerset County, Maine, Madison Paper Industries (MPI) was required to develop a Shoreland Buffer Zone Management Plan (SBMP). The SBMP identifies management guidelines for the protection of riparian resources on MPI-owned property to help ensure that the ecological integrity and public uses of the shoreland areas are preserved and managed according to stakeholder and MPI objectives over the term of the license. The SBMP also contains provisions for development of conservation easements for certain parcels which have since been executed with the Maine Department of Conservation.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt’s development of the SBMP began with GIS mapping of the shoreline buffer zone and the current and proposed land uses and ownership. The base map was supplemented with data layers including locations of sensitive resources such as rare plants, wetlands, and riparian habitat; and rare, threatened, and endangered species. To develop a comprehensive plan, Kleinschmidt researched zoning and development regulations and integrated research and information from numerous sources, including fisheries and wildlife assessments, water uses and water quality, National Register eligibility, shoreline erosion, recreation enhancement alternatives, geologic features, significant archaeological sites, and aesthetic and cultural resources.

Client Benefits:

MPI is implementing specific, cost-effective strategies for shoreland protection and enhancing public relations through continued provision of public access and recreation opportunities at the Anson and Abenaki Projects and protection of resource values along this section of the Kennebec River.