Project Name: Kinzua Pumped Storage Relicensing

Summary: FERC relicensing

Client: FirstEnergy Generation LLC

Project Location: Warren, PA

Project Size: 450 MW

Services Provided:
• FERC Relicensing
• Regulatory Strategic Planning
• Stakeholder Facilitation
• Agency Consultation
• Study Scoping & Plan Development
• Study Implementation
• FERC Compliance Management and Implementation

Project Timeframe: 2008 - 2013

Relationship with Client: Since 2005

Client Needs:
FirstEnergy Generation, LLC (FirstEnergy) required strategic planning and consulting services for relicensing the Kinzua Pumped Storage Project FERC No. 2280.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt managed the relicensing proceeding including developing a strategic plan, facilitating agency consultations, hosting public meetings, developing study plans, managing the studies, and preparing all necessary FERC documentation. The Project is located at a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dam and the upper reservoir is located within the Allegheny National Forest. The Allegheny (lower) reservoir is owned and operated by the USACE, and is therefore not within the FERC Project boundary; however, the Allegheny reservoir straddles the state line with New York and lies partly within the Seneca Nation of Indians reservation. As a result, the planning process involved addressing the interests of two states, multiple federal agencies, and the Seneca Nation. Numerous meetings were held with agencies and stakeholders prior to development of the Pre-Application Document (PAD). The Notice of Intent (NOI) and PAD were filed in November 2010. The Seneca Nation filed a competing NOI and PAD shortly thereafter; therefore, the relicensing proceeded as a competitive process. Field studies and associated reports are complete. Kleinschmidt prepared the Final License Application which was filed in December 2013.

Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt brought its extensive experience in relicensing pumped storage projects to FirstEnergy. Kleinschmidt fostered a collaborative team of preeminent experts in their respective fields, including legal and environmental expertise. The technical experts conducting studies and developed conclusions and recommendations that withstood a competing application.