Lewis River PacifiCorp SMP

Project Name: Lewis River Project

Summary: Shoreline management planning and permitting services

Client: PacifiCorp

Project Location: Skamania, Clark, and Cowlitz Counties, WA

Services Provided:
•  Regulatory Strategic Planning
•  Shoreline Management Planning
•  Stakeholder Facilitation

Project Timeframe:
2007 - 2009

Relationship with Client: Since 2005

Client Needs:

PacifiCorp owns and operates three hydroelectric facilities on the Lewis River in southern Washington which provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities and amenities. Increasing residential development near the project reservoirs and competing demands for resources at the projects pointed to the need for a inclusive, clearly defined, and consistent management strategy for the projects’ shorelines over the FERC licensing term.

Kleinschmidt Solution:

Kleinschmidt developed a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) for the three project reservoirs, served as regulatory advisor, and assisted PacifiCorp in developing a permitting program for shoreline uses at the reservoirs. Kleinschmidt facilitated a series of outreach meetings to educate stakeholders, interest groups, and the public regarding PacifiCorp’s plans to develop an SMP. Kleinschmidt then integrated stakeholder input with PacifiCorp’s resource management and project operation goals and objectives to develop the SMP. PacifiCorp’s permitting guidelines support management objectives by providing a clear permitting protocol, identifying shoreline use design requirements, and educating the public regarding relevant jurisdictional requirements for shoreline development.

Client Benefits:

PacifiCorp and its stakeholders now have a comprehensive, forward-looking plan for managing the projects’ shorelines that considers PacifiCorp’s operational and stewardship responsibilities, FERC license requirements, and public access and use. The SMP anticipates future growth and changing shoreline use patterns proactively, while protecting the environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic resources entrusted to PacifiCorp.