Project Name: Parr/Fairfield Pumped Storage Project

Summary: FERC relicensing

Client: South Carolina Electric & Gas Company

Project Location: Fairfield/Newberry Counties, SC

Project Size: 526 MW

Services Provided:
• FERC Relicensing Support
• Strategic Planning
• Agency Consultation
• Stakeholder Facilitation
• Study Scoping and Plan Development
• Website Development and Support

Project Timeframe: 2012 - Present

Relationship with Client: Since 1988

Client Needs:
The Parr/Fairfield Pumped Storage Project consists of the Parr Hydro Development and the Fairfield Pumped Storage Facility Development. South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) required a consultant to assist in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing process.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt is working closely with SCE&G to manage the licensing process. These efforts include internal strategy meetings with SCE&G staff, developing an inventory document of existing environmental studies which will be useful in preparing the Pre-Application Document (PAD) and convening a series of agency and stakeholder meetings. Included in the planned stakeholder meetings are issues identification workshops which will be held via public forums in Newberry and Fairfield Counties. Kleinschmidt has developed and maintains a project relicensing website for SCE&G. Future tasks include development and submittal of study plans, the Preliminary License Proposal, and the License Application as well as providing post-license application filing support. 

Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt is assisting SCE&G to strategically and efficiently navigate the relicensing process, evaluating potential project effects, while preserving the operational flexibility and economic value of this regionally significant project.