Project Name: Trafton Road NEPA Analysis

Summary: Environmental assessment for proposed highway interchange

Client: Trafton Realty, LLC

Project Location: Waterville, ME

Project Size: 100 acres

Services Provided:

NEPA, EAs, and EISs

Habitat Assessment, Impact Study

Wetland Delineation

Wetland Mitigation

Vernal Pools Assessment

Endangered Species Act Consulting

Rare Threatened and Endangered Plant and Animal Species (Atlantic Salmon)

Agency Consultation

Biological Assessment

State and Local Permitting

Permit Compliance

Project Timeframe: 2012 - 2014

Client Needs:
Trafton Realty LLC and the MaineDOT required an Environmental Assessment (EA) and permit applications for a proposed highway interchange on I-95 at the border of Waterville and Sidney, ME. The purpose of the interchange is to help improve regional mobility; ease traffic flow on a busy Waterville thoroughfare (Kennedy emorial Drive); improve access to I-95.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt completed the NEPA analysis to investigate if the preferred project alternative (construction of the interchange) both accomplished the project purpose and avoided and minimized potential effects on regulated resources such as wetlands relative to the “no build” and other alternatives. Kleinschmidt assessed potential impacts to regulated resources including wetlands, streams and federally listed species within the 100-acre project area. Kleinschmidt also assisted with public meetings, provided permitting support, and helped advance effective collaboration between multiple agencies and a private developer as part of a unique public-private partnership. The project was awarded a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) in 2014.
Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt completed the NEPA analysis and provided deliverables on-time and within budget.