Project Name: Yards Creek Pumped Storage Project

Summary: FERC relicensing

Client: Jersey Central Power and Light Company and PSEG Fossil, LLC

Project Location: Blairstown, NJ

Project Size: 420 MW

Services Provided:
• FERC Relicensing
• Stakeholder Facilitation
• Agency Consultation
• Study Scoping & Plan Development
• FERC Compliance Management and Implementation
• Water Quality Assessment
• Fisheries Baseline Studies
• Rare Threatened Endangered Species Assessment
• Habitat Assessment
• Wetland Delineation
• Recreation Planning

Project Timeframe: 2005 - 2013

Relationship with Client: Since 2005

Client Needs:
Jersey Central Power and Light Company and PSEG Fossil, LLC required a relicensing consultant for their 420 MW Yards Creek Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project (Project). The Project consists of an upper and lower reservoir, a powerhouse with three reversible pump turbines, and associated electrical and water conveyance features.

Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt assisted in evaluating potential project improvements (e.g., raising the operating level of the Project reservoirs), selecting the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), preparing the Pre-Application Document (PAD), scoping and conducting studies required to address agency issues, and preparing a Preliminary Licensing Proposal and Final License Application. Kleinschmidt conducted studies including a water quality study, stream and lake fisheries surveys, macroinvertebrate collections, Rare, Threatened and Endangered (RTE) species surveys, terrestrial and riparian habitat mapping, shoreline vegetation surveys, hydrological modeling, and an analysis of recreation enhancement feasibility. Kleinschmidt also identified potential designs for an overflow structure at the upper reservoir and provided related engineering services. Kleinschmidt filed the Final License Application in February 2011 and the Licensees received a new license from FERC in May 2013.

Client Benefits:
Kleinschmidt’s cost effective approach to study scoping greatly reduced overall relicensing costs and generation at the Project will be enhanced by changes in operating levels of the reservoirs.