Project Name:  Green Roof Retrofit

Summary: Improved design meets strict stormwater credit requirements

Client: University Place Associates

Project Location: Philadelphia, PA

Project Size: 21,900 square foot rooftop

Services Provided:

  • Green Stormwater Management
  • Agency Consultation

Project Timeframe: 2014

Client Needs:
2.0 University Place is the first L.E.E.D. Platinum Pre-Certified building to be built in the city of Philadelphia. The building has many green design elements including efficient heating and cooling systems, large windows for natural lighting, and a rooftop green roof. Prior to Kleinschmidt's involvement, the green roof did not meet the Philadelphia Water Department's (PWD) strict stormwater credit requirements, and the building owner had to pay large stormwater fees.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt was chosen to design modifications to ensure the green roof would meet these credit requirements. Kleinschmidt designers worked closely with the client to provide a solution that was both cost effective and would comply with PWD credit requirements. The green roof was expanded where possible to provide additional storage and stormwater treatment. In areas that were not suitable for green roof construction, dimpled underdrains were used. In addition, a new drainage system was designed to drain stormwater, thus allowing for additional disconnected impervious area credits.
Client Benefits:
The improved green roof design was approved by the PWD shortly after submission. Once construction is complete, Kleinschmidt will apply for the appropriate PWD stormwater credit approvals and the client will no longer have to pay the large stormwater fees.