Interactive Flood Mapping - TransCanada

Project Name: Five High-hazard Dams in Northeast

Summary: GIS-based interactive flood mapping tool for rapid response

Client: TransCanada Hydro Northeast, Inc.

Project Location: Five high-hazard dams in NH, VT & MA

Project Size: 250+ miles

Services Provided:
•  Dam Breach Study
•  Inundation Mapping
•  GIS Database Design and

Project Timeframe:
2010 - 2011

Relationship with Client: Since 2001

Client Needs:
TransCanada needed an updated method to access dam breach inundation mapping for five of their high-hazard dams on the Connecticut and Deerfield Rivers to respond to a potential emergency condition at any one of the five hydroelectric facilities as a component of a comprehensive update of their Emergency Action Plans.
Kleinschmidt Solution:
Kleinschmidt developed a read-only viewer application that includes data layers that represent not only the extent of the potential flooding from two different scenarios (which is typical of most dam breach inundation mapping), but also the depth of possible flooding. The application also includes hydrographs that show changes in both the water surface elevations and river flows over time allowing the user to see not only “how much” water, but also when it will arrive and, equally as important, when it will recede. As part of their dam safety program, TransCanada has distributed these five mapping applications to each of the agencies that actively respond to emergency conditions, as well as to each of the communities that could be affected by an emergency at one of TransCanada’s dams.
Client Benefits:
The application allowed TransCanada the opportunity to equip emergency response providers with the site specific data need to more effectively plan road closures and evacuations in the event of a flooding situation downstream of one of the dams.