Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species (RTE) Studies and Assessments

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Species (RTE) Studies and Assessments

Our Scientists have extensive experience with rare, threatened, and endangered (RTE) species assessments for renewable energy (including wind and hydroelectric), transmission and distribution, as well as broader habitat improvement projects. In recent years, we have completed RTE species studies and consultation for numerous projects over a wide geographic range for wildlife, fish, and plant species. We also have extensive experience with impact analyses (e.g., the effects of project operations on RTE species).

The typical issues that we address include the effects of water level fluctuations or project construction on RTE species including birds, herptiles, mussels, fish, and plants.  We have designed and executed studies that require consideration of several species simultaneously, taking into account, for example, effects of water levels on nest swamping or stranding, suitable spawning levels, and inundation requirements of plants. We have both aquatic and terrestrial scientists on staff that can provide a multidisciplinary approach to RTE studies. We routinely develop RTE species portions of Exhibit Es or Applicant Prepared Environmental Assessments including existing conditions and potential impacts. In addition the team has helped develop and implement several Incidental Take Plans (ITP) for a variety of species.

A few of the RTE species we have recently assessed include: Bald eagles, Atlantic salmon, several listed plants species, Blanding’s turtle, and bog turtle. Specific services include:

•  ESA Section 7 Consultation Coordination
•  Biological Assessment Preparation
•  Development of RTE Study Plans
•  Conduct RTE Studies
•  RTE Species Identification and surveys
•  Preparation of Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Statements
•  Effects of Hydroelectric Project Operations
•  Resource Balancing Assessments
•  Geographic Information Systems Mapping
•  Exhibit E Preparation for Hydroelectric
•  Licenses/Applications


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