Tainter Gate Inspection Services


Safety concerns and economic risks of aging water control gates are common problems facing many older dams and hydroelectric plants. While the rehabilitation of existing gates shares many technical aspects with new gate construction, it also presents special considerations and unique challenges. 

One of the primary considerations in a gate rehabilitation project is to determine the extent of any gate and operating system deficiencies to determine if the gate and/or operator should either be repaired or replaced. Obviously, a gate with limited deficiencies, such as experiencing only leakage or surface corrosion serviceability deficiencies can typically be more economically repaired. Conversely, gates with extensive general deterioration or obsolete mechanical and electrical components that do not meet required safety requirements may be better candidates for replacement. In addition to the actual direct gate equipment rehabilitation costs, total project operational costs and consequences, such as limiting the length of time that the gate is out of service, can result in gate replacement being the optimal alternative.

Our team can provide comprehensive inspections, analysis and design to assist with any gate/intake issues.




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