Decommissioning Studies

Hydroelectric Decommissioning Studies

Hydroelectric Decommissioning Studies address three End State Options: Permanent Non-Power Operation; Partial Project Removal; and Complete Project Removal or Dam Removal. A decommissioning study includes a thorough engineering, biological, and permitting analysis to develop estimates of material removal quantities and costs associated with options for various decommissioning scenarios.

Kleinschmidt reports typically include a discussion and an opinion of probable decommissioning costs as well as an assessment of current laws and regulations; benefits and burdens to Affected Stakeholders; environmental benefits and burdens; risks to public safety; and other risks/significant factors (such as possible alternative uses) for each of the three End State Options. The local environmental impacts that are typically considered include: habitat for fish, mammals, and birds in the area, impact on recreational opportunities, permitting needs, sensitivities for potential hazardous material exposure, and short and long-term safety issues.





Hydroelectric Engineering Projects