Marine Engineering Design and Support

Marine Engineering Design and Support

Kleinschmidt has a team of experienced and qualified engineers on staff with strong technical backgrounds in most disciplines including civil, structural, electrical and mechanical. We have worked with developers and utilities at all levels to provide engineering design solutions that are practical and cost-effective. It is the ultimate goal of the client to develop a return on their investment and as such our team appreciates the need to develop value engineering solutions.

Our engineering team also takes a practical approach to project management, solving problems and managing diverse subcontracts. Our staff has the broad technical background and training to operate as owners engineer or program manager for a variety of marine renewable projects. Furthermore, we appreciate the advantages of assembling and working within a team of expert consultants to provide the most applicable solution to the client.

Electrical Systems & Interconnection Design

The ultimate goal of any renewable energy project is the generation of electrical power and the transmission of that power to a consumer. Clearly then the electrical aspects of the system design are critical to the efficient operation. Floating, submerged or dynamic devices can add further complexity to the design of the electrical system, with each device having certain unique requirements such as dynamic cables or pressure equalized electrical components. We approach these complex and unique systems by providing solutions and advice that are tailored to the needs of the particular project and client. 

Kleinschmidt has almost  five decades of experience with electrical system design for conventional, low-head and run-of-river hydroelectric projects and is able to apply this to marine renewable projects. This experience allows us to  understand the challenges involved with the generation and transmission of both utility and consumer scale power. In a recent project, our team completed conceptual electrical design for a deep water ocean current device which required non-standard solutions for many of the subsystems.

Our marine engineers can also support the infrastructure and planning aspects of the export cable and they understand the requirements and challenges of providing utility level power to the distribution network grid. We have experience working alongside coastal engineering consultants and using GIS and geospatial analysis to develop optimum cable routes and identify shore crossing points. 


Marine Renewable Projects