Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies

Marine Renewable Feasibility Studies

Project feasibility studies can be either site specific, identifying the best location for a commercial or prototype development, or they can be from a technology evaluation or development perspective. For either of these routes Kleinschmidt has the independence and wide range of expertise to indentify the pertinent issues and work with the client to develop a way forward plan that will inform and guide the project development.

It is well known that navigating the path through concept development and model testing can be challenging and our team has the experience to assess various aspects of the technology, providing input to help steer the development. This may include electrical systems design, installation, survivability, scoping for model testing, model test evaluation as well as reviewing regulatory and environmental requirements.

Kleinschmidt has the knowledge and experience to address most technical aspects of early stage project siting, permitting, and engineering. Our services start with assessment of proposed projects at the pre-conceptual stage to determine the feasibility of site location, identify potential resource issues, and address the regulatory compliance requirements of project development. Our success lies in our commitment to integrating science, planning, and engineering excellence.

Kleinschmidt has experience working with developers on wave, tidal and offshore wind generating facilities. Our engineers have worked in the capacity of Expert Reviewers for a variety of project types, including a recent proposal review for a hydrokinetic turbine installation and a series of technology reviews for the Department of Energy. 


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