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FERC Licensing, Relicensing and Amendments

Our hydropower regulatory team, some of whom previously worked at FERC and/or for other federal and state agencies, has been actively involved in relicensing work since the 1970s. We have completed over 100 FERC licensing, relicensing and amendment projects for small hydro, large hydro and pumped storage projects. From the traditional three-stage consultation process to applicant-prepared environmental assessments, to FERC’s current integrated licensing process (ILP), Kleinschmidt can assist you in successfully licensing or relicensing your hydroelectric project. 

After FERC issues a license, modifications (or amendments) are often necessary. These modifications could range from a simple time extension for completing a required study, to a complex major design change, or a modification of an existing project. The key element in determining the need for an amendment is whether or not the contemplated action is consistent with the original authorizing documents.

•  Strategic Planning
•  Preliminary Permits
•  FERC Licensing and Relicensing (ILP-Integrated Licensing Process, TLP-Traditional
    Licensing Process and Collaborative Licensing and Regulatory Processes)
•  Applicant Prepared Environmental Assessments
•  Pilot License Applications
•  License Exemptions
•  License Amendments
•  Surrender and Decommissioning Applications
•  Consultation/Negotiation
•  Study/Process Management
•  Stakeholder Facilitation
•  Schedule Management
•  Permitting
•  Compliance



Regulatory Projects