Marine & Water Facilities

Marine Dock and Shoreline Facilities

Kleinschmidt’s structural engineers have significant experience designing in-water and near-water structures to withstand the erosive forces of rivers, lakes and oceans. The most critical natural forces affecting the survivability of marine and fresh water facilities are caused by river currents and wind generated waves. In the planning and conceptual design phase, considerations also need to include environmental and regulatory requirements. 

Kleinschmidt’s integrated team of engineers, scientists and planners is well qualified to assess and design for the interaction of all these concerns on marine and water facilities. Our team has extensive experience providing feasibility studies, conceptual planning, engineering design and construction management for facilities which include:

•  Marine Piers and Wharfs
•  Fishing Piers and Platforms
•  Boating Facilities
•  Boat Ramps and Docks
•  Waterfront Walkways and Parks
•  Scenic Overlooks and Sea Walls
•  Roads and Parking Lots
•  Bridges, Vehicle and Pedestrian
•  ADA Accessible Facilities
•  Existing Facility Assessments
•  Project Management



Water Resource Projects