Lake Murray Dam FERC Relicensing South Carolina

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) 

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulates non-federal hydroelectric power projects that affect navigable waters, occupy U.S. lands, use water or water power at a government dam, or affect the interests of interstate commerce. FERC is responsible for: issuing preliminary permits, project licenses and exemptions from licensing; ensuring dam safety; assuring projects are operated in compliance with their license and in the interest of public safety; assuring hydroelectric projects are operated in compliance with their license and other applicable state or federal requirements; investigating and assessing payments for headwater benefits and federal properties; compliance with other related laws and regulations such as the Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act; and, coordinating with other agencies. Licensing hydroelectric projects also requires coordination with state agencies and compliance with state laws.

Our depth of FERC experience across the country and with hydroelectric projects of all varieties, types and sizes enables us to effectively assist our clients in all aspects of FERC licensing, from preparing licensing documents and making public presentations, to conducting environmental studies and facilitating agency negotiations.

•  Strategic Planning
•  FERC Licensing and Relicensing
•  Pilot License Applications
•  Applicant Prepared Environmental Assessments
•  License Exemptions
•  Preliminary Permits
•  License Amendments
•  Consultation/Negotiation
•  Study/Process Management
•  Stakeholder Facilitation
•  Schedule Management
•  Permitting
•  Compliance



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