Water Resource Engineering

Water Resource Engineering

Our water resource engineering team is composed of technical experts in hydrology, hydraulics and civil engineering who interact with our fisheries, aquatic and terrestrial scientists to provide watershed and ecosystem based solutions. This team has experience with larger basin planning issues as well as more focused habitat restoration, dam engineering, marine dock facilities and green stormwater projects. 

We often provide services related to the flow implications for water quality and the transport of sediment, nutrients, and pollutants in natural or engineered watercourses. Our engineers and hydraulic and hydrologic professionals are particularly adept in applying the latest software technologies including GIS to investigate, understand, and model fundamental flow and transport processes with the widest range of applications.

Our team also has significant experience with water supply and flood control structures and provides structural and mechanical assessments and design along with state dam safety inspections. We offer a full spectrum of services beginning with detailed analyses and conceptual studies through design, project management, regulatory approvals and construction services.

Kleinschmidt’s success has been through the ability to integrate environmental issues early in the design process resulting in innovative and effective designs. Our clientele includes utilities, private developers, manufacturing, and local, state and federal governments.


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