Habitat Improvement & Restoration

River, stream, lake and wetland habitat improvement or restoration projects involve restoring or enhancing ecological conditions to support desired fish and other aquatic species. It applies to backwaters, riparian and floodplain areas and associated wetlands.

Fish and stream habitat improvement strategies vary depending on the goals. General riparian restoration efforts benefit all fish and aquatic species; it involves restoring natural flow cycles and meanders as well as reconnecting the stream to its floodplain. The latter involves restoring or protecting floodplains and associated riverine wetlands, including backwater and buffer areas.

Restoring or enhancing complex habitat elements for a specific fish species may involve strategies such as restoring riparian vegetation for overhead cover and shade, creating resting pools and installing in-stream structural elements such as boulders or woody debris.

Other common habitat improvement projects may include enabling fish and other desirable aquatic species to move upstream and downstream and installing barriers to exclude aquatic nuisance species.

Kleinschmidt specializes in projects related to river and stream restoration. Typical projects include dam removal, river and wetland restoration, biological surveys and impact assessments, riparian buffer assessments/restorations, erosion assessments, and shoreline management plans.



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